Small Dog Breeds That Make Good Pets

Small dog breed

Are you thinking about adopting a dog as a pet and wondering which small dog breeds make for good pets.

Don’t simply consider how a small dog looks. To make an informed decision, you have to consider the dog’s energy level, how much it sheds and how much exercise it needs to name just a few.


While you shouldn’t base your decision on looks, size is definitely something you need to consider. How much living space do you have? How much freedom will your dog have to run around or exercise? Do you have a green space in your backyard or closeby? Additionally, a “small” dog will generally weigh less than 22lbs or be shorter than 15 inches. Dogs breeds can range from 6 pounds like the Chihuahua while the Staffordshire Bull Terrier can weigh up to 30, even though it’s considered small.

Some examples: Yorkshire Terrier, Papillon, Pomeranian and Norfolk Terrier.


Another big factor consider is how much the dog breed sheds. This becomes increasingly important if you have someone in the family suffers from allegeries or is rather sensitive to external pollutants. Some small dogs can shed a lot while others can shed so little that you won’t even notice it so if you’re a “clean freak” you definitely want to go with a dog that sheds from little to none.


Just like people, some dog breeds like interaction and play more than others. If you have children, this is certainly one area you want to pay extra attention to. You would also have to train and monitor your dog around children and, by the same token, train your children to treat your pet well. If a dog feels like it’s being attacked with its ears being tugged or eyes being poked, it will defend itself and your child could be at risk of being bitten.

Some examples: Beagle


Almost all small dogs can be trained to obey basic commands. If you’re short on patience, you should select an a breed that is known to learn quicker.